Providing standardized rank certification, registration, and advancement guidelines to all martial arts professionals.




  • Welcome to the Internet home of The Combat Martial Arts MMA Training Association and The Combat Martial Arts Practitioners Association.



  • Having members from many different countries, we are a nationally and internationally recognized rank registration, certification, and training organizations supporting the Traditional, Self-Defense, and Military, communities  world wide.

  • Established In 1998 as a Centralized Governing Agency we provide standardized rank, accreditation, and promotion guidelines, that are universally applied to all martial artists regardless of training methods or philosophies thus allowing a mix of martial artists from many different styles to receive the same level of professional recognition

  • This is very important because not all martial arts styles or schools follow the same guidelines.  A Black Belt in one school might only be considered to be a Blue Belt by a different school or a Blue Belt in one school might be equal to a Black Belt from that school.  Training standards within different schools are seldom the same, even if they are teaching the exact same style. A student in one school might achieve high rank with very little actual training, whereas a solo practitioner, or a student from a different school, might hold a rank far lower than they deserve or have no rank at all, even though they invest many hours into their martial arts training, education and spiritual development. Our mission is to help correct this injustice.

  • It should be known that we do not use the term Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as it is commonly used in the sport based Ultimate Fighting Championships / UFC as seen on TV.   We use the term Mixed Martial Arts to mean anyone who mixes together different techniques from different styles to form a fighting system that is tailor made to best fit their individual needs.  Using the best parts of everything is an ancient concept.  Mixing martial arts styles together to form comprehensive fighting systems can be traced back in antiquity to the Shaolin Temples of ancient China. We strive to continue that tradition.



  • We believe in the merit based promotion principle when it comes to earning rank and being advanced.  If you are a serious martial artist, train hard, and believe that perseverance is the key to achieving excellence we can  help you achieve your martial arts goals. You may already be eligible for your next promotion!

  • Mixed martial artists, military, law enforcement, and traditional martial arts practitioners from many different styles seldom receive the credit they truly deserve for the training they do. Our mission is to correct this injustice.  
  • All martial artists should receive the recognition they deserve and be advanced accordingly based upon universally accepted standards within the industry.     This was the founding principles upon which our associations were conceived and built upon.




  • Every martial artist should be formally recognized for all of the time, hard work, and effort that they invest into their martial arts training and be recognized for their achievements.

  • Regardless if you are an independent solo practitioner, teach privately to a small number of students or own your own franchise of martial arts schools, securing professional credibility through registration is a very important part of today's martial arts industry.

  • It provides third party recognition of your rank and experience. 

  • It demonstrates your commitment to your martial arts profession and adds credibility to your achievements.

  • It validates your martial arts training by meeting nationally recognized standards.

  • It affirms your competence.

  • It reflects your achievements.

  • It helps to build self-esteem for students.

  • It helps to instill discipline and responsibility.
  • It documents your experience and provides credentials

  • It improves your career opportunities and advancement.

  • It provides you greater professional recognition from your peers.

  • It helps to give you a competitive advantage.

  • It provides official verification.  Anyone can contact the association to verify the status of your rank registration.



  • If you own or operate a martial arts school or teach and train privately and are looking for a quality organization for professional affiliation can you imagine that we are the right choice for you?  If YES we welcome you to join our martial arts family.

  • Many view their martial arts as a form of religion.  Therefore, black belt registered instructors and solo  practitioners have complete freedom to train, teach and operate their schools according to the teachings and philosophies of their style without interference and are authorized to promote their students to a rank one level below their own.



  • Have you ever dreamed about starting a career in the martial arts?   Or of operating your own school and being your own boss?  We can help make that dream a reality

  • We also offer a free Referral Executive Program that is open to everyone. Even non-martial artists can enjoy a lucrative career in the martial arts industry. Your potential for success is limitless


  • If you are a independent solo practitioner or traditionalist walking the spiritual path and would like to receive professional recognition for all of the time and effort you have invested in your martial arts training we can help.


  • Whatever your martial arts career, professional, or personal goals are, we are here to help you achieve them.




Register today and receive the recognition you deserve!

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